Would I Marry a Pattaya Bar Girl

My mate married a bargirl. He spent 2 weeks with her on his first time and when he went back 3 months later he married her a week into his trip. She now lives back in the village and he just spent a month up there living with her family.

She is quite money hungry, always asking for stuff and if he wants to go on a night out without her [she doesn’t like to leave his side] then he has to give her 1000 “salon money” or she will phone up and whinge all night. This is certainly not a case of milking a farang because he is skint; seriously skint. Last time there he bought her a little laptop with an air card so they can chat every night while he was away. This got sold a few weeks ago, along with all her gold and other nik naks so that they could eat and whatnot. She even had to get the money for his bus from Khon Khaen to the airport.

When they first got together I warned him off her so many times we almost fell out over it. I told him all the stories I could but he liked her so didn’t listen. He doest send her any money, although I think his mum sent her a bit at chrimbo. He is planning on building a house for them because he reckons its pretty damn cheap. He has already built them a toilet for 3000 baht which he is well happy with.

In short, they seem well loved up even though there is definitely no money to be had from him, he does the same job as me so i know how much he has, he has no assets and even sold his car to help fund his 3 months there in September. I don’t entirely trust her but I don’t trust many woman which takes me to my story.

I’ve always been a bit of a jealous guy when it came to woman. I left woman when I was younger just because i didn’t like how many people they had shagged. I was close to maybe marrying a bird a few years ago, she was loaded, had her own estate agents and her family were multi millionaires. I wasn’t working for a few months but it didn’t matter, I was a kept man and had anything I wanted. She wanted to marry me and I was thinking about it.

I then found out that she had worked in a massage parlour for a few months when she was younger, she had a bit of a coke problem and at the time didn’t see her family much. Now this done my head in completely and only a few days later I left her and what was shaping up to be a pretty good life for a man like myself. She begged me to come back but I know it would of always played on my mind.

Fast forward a few years and have found Pattaya, brilliant place, made for me really. I can slag it up to my hearts content. I had had one or two regulars on previous trips but no one who lived with me or felt they could just turn up to see me.

I took a girl who I had spotted on a previous trip and thought was beautiful. The night turned into day and day to week, week to 3 months. I paid the bar fine each day instead of buying her out because I intended to get rid before I liked her too much. This girl was genuinely the nicest most level headed girl I had ever met. She did everything for me, never asked for money or gold or presents. She knew I could not pay her everyday and I was basically just looking after her while I was there. She used to stay in no problem when I was out with the boys or just on the piss. I never ran out of anything, drinks soap fags anything. She replaced the laces on my trainers without me even noticing, she did the lot.

All this time I had never really thought about keeping her as a misses, even though we got on great. we are the same age like the same things, she hasn’t had a kid and everyone of my bargirl mates reckons she was lovely, far too good for a ting tong piss-head like myself they said.

I had always told her i could never look after a Thai girl because I was skint all the time, [I asked her once how much would she need to stop working bar, 20000 she said] towards our last week I was really thinking how much i wished she wasn’t a bargirl, I would of married her if she wasn’t for sure, but I couldn’t stop thinking how much cock she had had.

Anyways, I left to do some work in oz and we kept in touch, and some days I felt like I wanted her regardless of her job and other days I’d phone up and she wouldn’t answer and would get a reminder yet again that she was a working girl.

So I’m still in two minds and maybe leaning more towards keeping her when my friend lets me know that she has stopped working the bar because she has found a sponsor. She stayed with him for 2 weeks and he is smitten and sending 30,000 a month for her. I thought OK fair enough can’t blame her for wanting a better life. I was as sure as anyone can be that she wants to be with me but obviously I declined to look after her. I had never told her I was thinking of keeping her.

I get to Pattaya and went to her sister’s bar for a drink and a chat and she tells me how gutted her sister was that I could not look after her. I gave her a phone and told her I was back, and she said she wanted to come see me to say goodbye. The next day she got a bus down from Udon Thani and when I seen her again. I had forgot how hot she was, she was looking very good. I could see she was really pleased to see me but she would not let me kiss her. She kept saying she wanted to but didn’t want to be a bad girl to this guy, that she only came to say goodbye and that we could not stay together. Now like most of you i have fucked loads of sponsored girls, even having sex with them as they are talking to their sponsor on the phone. So this surprised me, and I realised that she really was a trustworthy girl, something I was never totally sure of, so I said ok fuck it, I’ll look after you from now on. She said no, that she could not take his money and then finish with him, that would make her a bad girl and she didn’t want to be like all the other Pattaya girls. this made me want her more, although at this point she had been looking through my pics from oz on my phone and she had carried on to my Thai pics from 6 months earlier, when I was with her…I had forgot about a few rude pics that I had from a couple of ST I had took to my room while she was out. she recognised the room and the look of sadness in her eyes made me feel more ashamed than I have ever been in my life, it didn’t bother me during our time together that I was short timing but when I seen how upset she was I realised that she really did like me and was not just doing her job. She said she was going to the toilet and pissed of back to Udon Thani that very night.

I spoke to her everyday for the rest of my time there, telling her that I was sorry but I will look after her now. She quite understandably doesn’t believe I can look after her and thinks that if i didn’t look after her before how can I do it now. I spent so much time telling her how skint I was and how I never wanted to look after a bar girl that it’s hard to make her believe I could. The truth is I’m not sure if i can, I could if I changed my lifestyle a fair bit, even the amount I spend on weed a week would keep her out the bar. I’m still not sure if I want to be with her, but whereas before i couldn’t be with her cause of all the cock she had had now it’s because I’m not sure if I can look after her better than this guy, he’s in the US army in Iraq and for sure has more money than me.

Basically would i marry a bar girl? a year ago no fucking chance…now?…..I’m still thinking about it, but for sure there are good girls in Pattaya.

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