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Welcome to Pattaya Newbie where you can find information useful for your first (and subsequent) visits to Pattaya.

We a glad that you have found your way here.

Why Pattaya Newbie?

We have created Pattaya Newbie to provide the best possible information on Pattaya. With the information you will have a great time in Pattaya while avoiding some of the pitfalls. The information will also help to keep you safe and in good health.

In the guide you will find details on subjects like the cultural backgrounds of the ladies in Pattaya and how to engage with them. As it is important to understand how bars work we include information on that too.

As with any activity it is important to stay safe and healthy. We include a section on how to stay safe in Pattaya and some of the things you should avoid.

In Pattaya you may come across people who are less than dishonest. In our experience most people will cause you not problems However, it is best to be aware of some common scans. For that purpose we have a section of Pattaya scams. Other than that we have a list of tips to help you out.

Other than those areas there is a lot of other information in out comprehensive guide.

How to Use Pattaya Newbie

The easiest way to use the site is to click the button above or the following link: Pattaya Newbie Guide to Pattaya.

Once the page opens there will be a menu on the right to help you navigate the site. If you are using a mobile device the menu may be at the end of each page.

At the bottom of each page there is a link to the next page of the guide. If you intend to read the whole guide clicking these links will serve you well. The guide is written to be in a logical order and this method follows the order.

Also, at the top of each page there is a menu to skip to different sections of the website.

If you wish to return to this page at a later time you can click on the ‘Pattaya Newbie’ in the top left corner any pag

A Request

I am currently changing the format of the guide. As a result there may be some features that are not available or not displaying correctly. I am trying to rectify any issues as quickly as I can.

I apologise if you are affected by the changes.

If you do come across something that is not working please send me a message via the Contact page.

Last edited: 25 Oct 2023