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Thai Food

This section is to give you an idea of the Thail food that you are likely to come across in Pattaya. You will most likely not try some it of it but there are some dishes which shouldn't be missed. We'll start with the dishes that you may like to try then move onto some other things that you are likely to see.

This is a new section and I will be adding more with time.

Food You Might Like to Try

Thai food -Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a rice noodle dish. You will find it everywhere and is a very convenient street food. You will find many carts preparing this dish. It is not spicy but you can add chilly if you wish

Noodle soup

Noodle Soup

Eaten a lot by the TGs is noodle soup. This dish contains a variaty of different noodle types and ingrediants. It can range from being not spicy to very spicy.

som dtam

Som Dtam

This is a favourite food for the people from the north-east of the country and hence the ladies. It is a green papaya salad. It is very spicy and it is very pugnant

 MK Restaurant

MK Restaurants

There are a few MK restaurants in Pattaya and they are a must do while you are in Pattaya. You order the raw ingrediants and cook it yourself in hot water. Take a TG and she'll do it for you. Make sure you order the roast duck as a starter.

Thai food - MK



Some Different Types of food

 Thailand food- insects


In Issan they like to eat insects of all different types. These include grasshoppers, scorpions and cockroaches. I hope you have a strong stomach

Thailand food- insects

Sometimes they add frogs for some extra flavour.

Thailand food -Insects


Thailand food -Insects


Thai food - frog


They will just cook up frogs. These photos were takien during a visit to Issan. First the preparation.

Thai food - frog


Thai food - frog Add a few chillies and you have the final product.