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Staying Safe and Healthy

If you follow some basic rules you will stay safe and healthy in Pattaya. The city is a fairly safe area but like everywhere can turn ugly if you put yourself in a bad situation.

Saying safe and stay out of trouble in Pattaya

You do not want to get involved in a heated argument with a Thai or get between two arguing Thais. Also don’t get involved in an argument between a Thai and other farangs. If you get in this situation you could get yourself into a lot of trouble as Thais nearby will take the Thais side regardless of the situation. The results can be very unpredictable.

It is not a good idea to show extravagant wealth in Thailand. Remember that our idea of extravagant wealth is different from the Thai’s view. Don’t flash a lot of cash around and try not to display expensive jewellery or camera equipment, for example.

Keeping a level head will keep you out of trouble in Thailand. Also try not to get too drunk, at least until you know where you need to avoid. If you do find yourself in a situation with a Thai do a lot of smiling and do your best to back out of it. You’ll find that the Thias use smiling as a way to avoid, or even reverse, a bad situation.


It may be obvious that condoms are a must but many guys still do not use them, at least, from timeThailand condom to time. Some guys proudly state that they rarely or never use them. Most guys who don't use them from time to time do so because of having too much to drink. Perhaps another reason to limit your consumption!

Asian condoms are a little smaller than what you will get at home. Also the quality may not be quite as good. For these reasons it is best to bring your own from home. Also, it is a good idea to have some personal lubricant available.

If you run out of condoms or neglete to dring them larger sized condoms are available. Look for Durex Comfort condoms or a similar product from another brand. What yo uare looking for is a condom that had 56mm on the box as shown right. As shown 'mm' does not appear in English but you are looking for the numbers 56 on the box.


Once you have decided that Pattaya it is for you it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about immunisations. It is important to do this early as some immunisations must be done over a period of time.

One immunisation that you should consider that takes some time is for hepatitis A and B. You can get hepatitis A from eating infected food and hepatitis B from contaminated bodily fluids. There is no immunisation know for hepatitis C which like hepatitis B can be contracted during unprotected sex.

There are other immunisations that you may need to update but your doctor is best to advise you one this. If you have a good relationship with your doctor it is a good idea to inform him/her of what you plan to do while you are in Thailand


Almost all of the food you will get in Thailand will cause you no problems. However, it is not without risk. What you are prepared to eat will depend on how adventurous you are.

Getting diarrhoea is a risk in Thailand and you need to be prepared for it. Most people experience a mild case of diarrhoea but few suffer greatly. It is a good idea to keep a supply of Imodium in your room while you are there. It is easily obtainable from any pharmacy in Pattaya.