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Pattaya Freelancers and Other Options

There are other lady options available to you. These ladies are called freelancers as they are not associated with a particular bar. Some may work in a bar but not be working when you meet them or perhaps the lady has a normal job and goes with farangs for some extra money or fun.

The advantages of meeting a freelancer is that you may not have to pay a bar fine or buy lady drinks at inflated prices. Also, you may get a gogo girl who demands a higher price while she is at work for the same prices as a beer bar girl.

The main disadvantage is should she runs off with some of your stuff you will have a harder time tracking her down. If you use a bit of common sense you should have few problems.

You can meet freelancers in many places. These include along the beach, in discos and on Walking Street. Where you meet them will dictate how you go about engaging them but just smiling and saying hello is a good start. For a bargain gogo girl you will need to hit the late night discos.

You’ll find that many (but not all) of the ladies in central Pattaya will go with farangs. It is possible to meet a potential partner at any time of the day and anywhere you go. Places such as shopping areas and on Baht busses are great places to meet ladies. You may find a gem.

Even though there are many freelancers in central Pattaya don't think for a second that all Thai females are. You could end up in trouble if you make unwanted advances. Before approaching a girl make eye contact and wait for a positve sign. If it is evedent that she is not interested move on.

Thailand is well known for their ‘third gender.’ Ladyboys (LBs) are found everywhere in Pattaya. If you are not interested in going with one you will need to develop a special sense for them. LBs can look incredibly feminine and will fool many guys coming for the first time.

To pick a LB look for a straight waist, big feet and hands and observe ow they conduct themselves. A deep voice is also a giveaway. Any person who behaves very seductively to attract your attention deserves a good looking at before you proceed. In a later section I give some information on how to identify a ladyboy. More information on how to spot a ladyboy can be found in the Ladyboys: How to Spot section.

 Warning: Be very careful on Walking Street late at night. Recently there has been a large increase in the number of LBs working that street. It would be easy for a drunken guy to be fooled. I am sure this happens every night.