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More Pattaya Information?

If you have no remaining questions at this point I would be surprised. I intend to add more material soon that will answer some more questions but I will never be able to answer them all.

From here your best option is to join a Pattaya-based forum. These forums are a great source of information and you can benefit from other people’s experiences.

I recommend Pattaya Addicts. It has large knowledge base and is friendly to newbies. Follow the link and register. Once registered you will be able to ask questions and have access to more information that you initially see.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email me or leave a message on the guestbook. A link to the guestbook can be found on the menu bar above.

People have asked if a printable version of the guide was available. I understand that a printed version of the guide would be useful on a first trip to Pattaya. I have now made this available at a small fee. You can download this for US$5 from the Pattaya Newbie Ebook page.

Once you have completed your first trip your life will probably be different. Here is some information that you might want to read after your first trip: Advice for after your first trip to Pattaya

Please return soon as I am continually adding more content and improving what is already there.

Welcome to your new addiction!!!

Pattaya Addicts forum

Private Dancer is often touted as being a guide to how things work in Thailand, as far as the ladies are concerned. It is a good read but should not be taken literally as it is a work of fiction. Some people say that it is a must read for all newbies and some say that you shouldn't read it until you have had a trip or two. Anyway that is up to you to decide and a link is supplied below.

Private Dancer by Stephen Leather in pdf format.