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Engaging the Pattaya Ladies

Pattaya ladies come in all shapes and personalities. You are sure to find one (every night) to your liking.

Pattaya ladies go either long time (LT) or short time (ST). This basically refers to the length of time that she goes with you for.

Pattaya ladies having fun

Typically ST is about one to two hours. It is more or less equivalent to what you would get from the working girls at home. In this time you can cum once or maybe more if you are lucky. If you are in a ST bar they will have rooms available for this purpose. If elsewhere you will need to go back to your hotel with her or find a ST room at further expense to you.

Long time is typically over-night. Some ladies may leave as early as 7am (which is not good service) or mid-afternoon. Some are very difficult to get rid of at all!! Early afternoon is about the normal time if the lady you have taken is fair.

Some people like only ST and some only LT but most do both. Many guys will have a ST during the day and then take a LT that night. What you do is up to you.

A variation on the LT is the girl friend experience (GFE.) This is LT taken to the extreme. Where LT ends and GFE starts is open to debate. You’ll know when you are in a GFE when you are with her for 24 hours every day (or near to it) and she has a stash of clothes and other things in your room.

There is nothing wrong with GFE and it has benefits. However, it has its dangers as you and/or her may become too attached. If you don’t want this implement the ‘3 day rule’ as discussed earlier.

Costs for a Pattaya LadySmiling Pattaya lady

This subject is one that will always bring about a hot debate. Many people have very differing views on this. Some believe in paying the girls as little as possible while others are prepared to pay them well above the odds. What you pay is totally up to you and should be based on the value that you get from the lady.

Paying them too little may get you in trouble. Here is what you should consider as being a minimum to pay them after the event. Note that you should never pay them until they are just about to leave. Paying them before the fun starts will probably lower the standard of service.

The expectations of the beer bar girls and gogo girls differ. For beer bar girls (and this also includes ST bars) you should consider a minimum of 700 to 1000 Baht minimum for ST and 1,500 to 2,000 for long time. Some may ask for considerably more. Bar fines for bar girls is generally 300 Baht to 400 Baht.

In recent times the expectations of gogo girls have risen considerably. For ST 1500 Baht is likely to be as low as it can get. Demands for up to 3000 Baht are now not unheard of. 2000 Baht is a commonly asked for amount.  For LT you will be looking at a minimum of 2500 to 3000 Baht. Bar fines in gogo bars range from 600 to 1000 Baht. However, some may demand 1500 Baht.

Difference between Open-Air Bars and Gogos

As stated in the last section gogo girls have higher expectations than the beer bar girls. Whether they are worth more or not is debatable and certainly it is not in every case. However, that is irrelevant as our views will not change what they are expectiong to get paid.

You will certainly notice that in general the standard of the ladies in gogo bars is higher than in the beer bars. This is not always the case as there are some real mingers working in gogo bars and some stunners working in beer bars. The fact that you can have a good look at your potential partner in a gogo bar is an advantage.

In gogo bars the ladies tend to be more hardened and you are more likely to encounter a starfish (poor performer). For this reason (and the higher cost involved) some guys will not take ladies from gogo bars.

Something that you should be aware of in gogo bars are what are known as 'agency girls'. These are women who do not work directly for the bar. They work for a different business. They cost the bar more and this extra cost via higher bar fines and in some cases higher lady drink prices. As this method allows for higher pay and more flexibility many of the better lookers work under this scheme.

Due to the nature of gogo girls and because their expectations vary so much it is a good idea to negotiate a price before you pay bar. This is quite acceptable and could prevent an ugly scene in the morning. A good way to improve performance, at least a little, is to state that you may give her a little more if you have a good time.

Being a Butterfly

A butterfly is a guy who goes with many ladies. Typically it is a guy on a short stay who changes ladies every day or two. There are some other related terms such as airport, helicopter and skylab with increasing degree of how often a person changes changes ladies. These terms are usually used in jest.

Be it face or not liking losing a customer the ladies do not like guys to pay bar for other ladies in her bar once you have paid bar for her.

So the usual scenario is that you walk into a bar and find that you like the looks of more than one lady. You are faced with the dilemma of which one to pick. One way around this is that you buy some drinks for both of them as you talk and joke with them. Once you have decided which one you will take for that night you can say to the other (so that the one you are going to pay bar for can hear) that you are going to pay bar for the other lady but you’ll be back to pay bar for her the following day. What this does is tells both of them that you are a butterfly and they know exactly what to expect of you.

On the subject of being a butterfly it is a good idea to tell any lady that you are talking to that you are a butterfly. This will tell them that you have no plans to be with them for more than a day or so. Certainly tell every girl this before you bar fine them if that is your intention. This can save you from problems further down the track.

One lady not enough!?

It is easy to bar fine two ladies and head back to your room. What you will most probably get in this situation is one will hide in the toilet until you have finish with the other lady before they swap. It is harder to get two ladies who are into each other.

If this is what you want you should talk to the manasan in the bar you are in. She will know if two of the girls are into this sort of thing. If the bar can accommodate you the girls will be with you very quickly. Pattaya is such a great place that it is possible to find identical twins to entertain you for the night.

If you take one lady from a bar and she agrees to go with another lady from a different bar have her select the second girl. You will more likely find that they are into each other, or at least can work together. You may like to ask them to kiss each other to get an idea of how they will work together.


You may not respect them like you do a teacher or your parents but the girls are still human beings so respect them as such. Treat them well and in most cases you will get more than you put in.

A part of being respectful is not spinning a web of lies to get something for free. The money they get is not very much for us. Don’t try to sell them some hope to deprive them of some income.


Most of the ladies do not mind being photographed. It is respectful to ask before doing so even if you just indicate that you want a photo. Most of them will pose and flash you a great smile, but not all.

The situation can be quite different back in the room. You can find ladies who will let you take photos without their clothes on, especially if you offer more money. You may have to lay on the charm a bit to get these sort of photos. Unfortunately the girls are becoming more internet savvy and will not allow naked photos. Also, remember that pornography is illegal in Thailand, so be careful.

Never take a photograph in a gogo bar or other bar where there is nudity without asking first. If you do try to take photos in a gogo bar without asking expect some unfriendly behaviour.