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Pattaya Information (continued.)

This is the second page in this section. If you have not read the first page you may like to read that page first. Click here to go to that page.

Getting Around

There are really only two options to get around in Pattaya. You will find motorbike taxis everywhere in Pattaya. They are cheap and quick. It is possible to get two passengers on a single bike but for obvious reason (ie money) the riders prefer only one passenger. Once you get to Pattaya you will realise that motorbike taxis present a risk to your personal safety.

The most popular form of taxi are the baht busses. These are small trucks with two bench seats on either side of the tray back. They have a covered roof to off some protect from the elements but often have open sides. Seating capacity is about ten but you often see a further two or even four Pattaya baht bushanging on for grim death (slight over-statement) on the back. Baht busses are a very convenient way to get around. Within central Pattaya the fare is 10 Baht per person.

The baht busses have general routes but they are not fixed. The main route is the loop starting from the corner of Beach and South Pattaya Road then north along Second Road to the round-a-bout are the junction of Second and Beach Roads. The route then continues along Beach Road back to the starting point. This route is shown as red on the map below. A slight variation to the route is to turn on Central Road to Beach Road and onto Soi 2. However if there are passenger on board these variations are rare.

There is also another route servicing Soi Bhakhoa. However a first time visitor is unlikely to use this service. This is marked in green on the map below.

Baht bus route map. Click flor larger image

Dual Pricing

Dual pricing is something you will have to get used to. This occurs because farangs (foreigners) are seen as a way of increasing profits. This extends to both private businesses and government departments.  For instance for entry into national parks a farang must pay 400 Baht while a Thai pays 40 Baht. The same occurs at most tourist attractions.

Dual pricing also occurs at bars, or more accurately discos. Thais will pay about half the price you will pay. If you are entertaining a young lady you will be expected to pay the farang price for her drinks. This system has it advantages as it attracts ladies to these establishments for your pleasure.

Conservative Thais

Despite the prevalence of the very visible prostitution industry in Thailand the Thais in general are very conservative. Showing affection for a member of the opposite sex is frowned upon. Thailand is full of contradictions!

Something that is becoming more common in Pattaya is people walking around topless. Unfortunately they tend to be males and should not really be displaying evidence of their obvious excessive indulgences. You may find the climate in Pattaya hot and humid but you are best respecting the local culture.

Stay Polite

In Thai culture it is very rude to show anger. Thais will always try to smile their way out of problems. Likewise, they will tell lies if they believe that it will make things easier for everyone.

You will come across situations that will anger you. Inefficiencies and general incompetence are common in Thailand. Try not to let it get to you as it will make your stay more pleasant.

General Warnings

Pattaya is generally safe for a farang as long as certain rules are followed.

Until you get to know the place a little you are best to avoid getting too drunk. Getting too drunk may make you an easy target for anyone looking for easy prey. Thais are farily honest but an easy target may be to much to ignore.

You are likely to see conflicts between farangs and Thais and Thais on Thais. In no situation should you become involved. You can very quickly become the target of their anger with unpredictable results. Likewise, do not get into a physical exchange with a Thai as every Thai in the area will take the side of the Thai despite who is right. Just do not get into any conflict with a Thai. Just smile and walk away.

Thailand is poorer than our countries. As such you should limit your display of wealth. Don’t flash around a lot of cash or wear expensive jewellery. Doing so could make you a target.

Many people think that the Thais are unscrupulous, and no doubt some are. However, you will find that some farangs in Pattaya are less than honest. Like anywhere else be careful who you are dealing with in Pattaya.