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Pattaya Bar Types

Below is a description of most of the bar types you will come across in Pattaya. Some bars cross the boundary between the various types.

Beer Bar: or open air bar. They usually consist of stools arranged around a tight horseshoe bar and perhaps a few tables. You are able to pay bar for ladies at beer bars. In many cases they are grouped together with other bars to for a beer bar complex.

Short Time (ST) Bar: this is usually a closed air-conditioned establishment. The ladies in ST bars will generally give you a lot more personal attention than those in a beer bar. They have rooms attached to the premises or close by. As the name suggests these places concentrate on providing ladies that go short time. It is possible to take a lady long time but it will cost you more than from a beer bar and the ladies are not always keen to go long time. Soi 6 has many short time bars.

Blowjob Bar: blowjob bars are similar to ST bars except that they specialise in blowjobs. In some of the bars you can enjoy conversation with your mates while the girl does her work.

AGoGo (or GoGo bar): a closed and air-conditioned bar. These establishments have ladies that dance for your viewing pleasure. You may pay bar for any of the dancing ladies who is willing to go with you. Many gogo bars also have show girls. These ladies perform special shows which may be sexually explicit or choreographed dancing. These ladies may also be bar fined but in most establishments will cost more that the dancing girls. There is also a third option in these establishments. The service personal (ie the ladies serving you drinks) may also go with you if they like you. To confuse things a little more some gogo bars also have hostesses. Bar fines and drink prices are higher in these establishments than in beer bars.

Hostess Bar: Hostess bars are closed, air-conditioned bars and sort of occupy the middle ground between beer bars and gogo bars. They are somewhat classier than beer bars but on normal nights lack the dancing ladies of the gogo bars. There are ladies that you can pay bar for if you find one that you like. Bar fines and drinks are between those of beer bars and gogo bars.

Coyote Bar: this type of bar is similar to a hostess bar except that it employs coyote dancers. These ladies dance fully clothed although the clothes tend to be skimpy. As with the hostess bars not all the ladies will go with customers.

Pub: If you think of a British pub that is more or less what you will find in Pattaya. These places do not have ladies that you can pay bar for. Some of these type of places have live music. However, you can try your luck with the service personnel just like you can anywhere in the world. You probably stand a higher chance than in your home country.

Disco: These are more or less like what you will find at home with one rather large exception. At these places you are almost guaranteed to 'pick up' a lady. Freelancers swarm to these establishments. Many of them are sponsored ladies, students or 'normal' ladies looking for a bit of fun and/or extra money. In Pattaya there is no entrance fee but the drinks are comparatively expensive.

Soapy: While not strictly a bar they are a popular alternative for having some fun. These places are massage parlours where 'extras' are part of the deal. Typically you will pick a lady from one sitting in an area behind a glass screen (commonly known as the goldfish bowl) and head to a private room. The lady will wash you then subject you to a massage involving lots of soap and bubbles. It is something that everyone should experience at least once. If you are still up for it you then proceed to the bed for some more fun.

Massage Parlour: again while not a bar these establishments also offer sexual pleasures. Typically after your massage you will be blatantly or subtly be advised that extra services are available. Not every massage parlour offer extras.