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Why Pattaya?

You might ask, 'why Pattaya?' rather than your usual holiday destination. Have you ever wondered what it is like to have women run after you like you're a star? Sick of women who think a man’s duty is to do everything and anything to keep her happy? Sick of paying large amounts of money to have the company of women? Want to travel to an exotic land where people are friendly and talking to females is as easy as breathing? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Thailand, and in particular Pattaya, may be for you.Pattaya lady

You can spot the guys on their first trip to Pattaya from a hundred metres (yards). They have a certain look in their eye that states that they can not believe what they are experiencing. It is not easy to describe what can, and does, happen in Pattaya to those who have not experienced it. It is like nothing else on the planet and is often described as ‘Disneyland for adults.’ Just imagine a world where, as far as sex is concerned, the role of males and females are reversed. Females become the hunter and males the controlling influence on how often sex is preformed. How does two or more sex partners in one day sound?

Image walking down the street and having nubile women scream after you to come have a drink with them. Not only that but once you have got to know them a little you have the option of them accompanying you for the rest of the night. The cost to you is dependant on how generous you are. You need not even need to discuss how much you will give her the following day as she will say ‘up to you.’ In reality upwards of 1500 Baht (Thai onshore exchange rates) is expected depending on where you find her. This and much more is available in Pattaya. Again it is all as easy as breathing.

Time with ladies is uncomplicated as long as you follow some simple rules. Also with common sense you will remain safe and in good health.

This all comes with one warning. After a first visit to Pattaya many men are often addicted for life. Interests and hobbies you had in the past will be sacrificed as your energies will be focused on your next trip. Many people stop going out in their home countries to save money for their next visit. You may never be the same again!

Need an excuse to come? Other than the nightlife and ladies there are other activities in the area. Pattaya is also a popular golfing destination. There are crocodile and tiger zoos to visit along with tropical gardens and temples. There are fun parks and if water sports are your thing then there is diving, jet skiing and parasailing. If you plan on jet skiing make sure you read the Common Scams section.

There are common misconceptions of Thailand that may make people think twice before coming on a first visit. Due to the western media many people have the wrong idea of Thailand. Many people have the impression that the men who travel as ‘sex tourists’ are losers, somehow. On the contrary many who come to Pattaya are very successful in their chosen field of work.

Another misconception is that men come to Thailand because of the availability of children. Unfortunately this does occur in Thailand, like anywhere, but it is not common. As a visitor you will be very unfortunate if you see this occur. Just repeating this is very uncommon in Thailand.

Prostitution is viewed a lot differently in Thailand as it is in the west. The Thai form of Buddhism is very liberal in this regard. As long as it has benefits for the family it is not totally against their beliefs. Even though the foreign (farang) sector of the industry seems huge it pails into significance compared to the local market. Prostitution is not strictly illegal but doing so in a 'promiscuous manner is but this has no practical affect on visitors.

Whatever your thoughts of Thailand now they will be different after your first visit. For a lot of older guys it reignites a spark in them as they rediscover the delights of spending time with attractive young ladies. For younger guys it is a place to party and have fun while not having to worry about pandering to potential partners. There really is plenty for everyone!

Read on and you will learn what to expect on your first trip and how to make the most of your time in Pattaya. You will soon discover why Thailand is also called The Land of Smiles (LOS).