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Pattaya Newbie eBook

It is understandable that during your first trip you may not remember all the information contained in this website. Also you may not want to spend time in an internet cafe doing bit of reading. You will have better things to do, right?

I have created an ebook containing all of the pages that can be accessed using the menu on the left. The ebook does not contain material on pages accessed using the top menu bar. The ebook will has the information that you may need during your first trip.

I have priced the ebook only to cover some of the costs involved with developing and hosting the website. For me this is about sharing information and not making money. If you think the information will be useful on your first trip then use the button below and you will be directed to a secure PayPal page. After payment is made you will be directed to your download page.

Along with the ebook I will also provide a file containing larger versions of he maps supplied in the on-line guide as well as a few other maps to get you on your way. If you do not immediately receive instructions on how to download the eBook please let me know:

Pattaya Newbie eBook download